Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How do they do it?

Locust Pose


Scale Pose

Bikram Yoga of Hudson

I was introduced to Hot Yoga through a friend who opened a studio in Hudson.  The temperature of the room is over 100 degrees which allows your muscles to stretch out. This is Bob Scanlon, the owner of Bikram Yoga.  He's an amazing instructor.

Click on this link to go to their Home page Bikram Yoga of Hudson.
Click here to go to their Facebook page Bikram on Facebook.


One of my favorite rest poses is Child's Pose shown below:

I would love to be able to do Full Lotus, but am not there yet.

Eagle pose is another favorite of mine:

Down Dog is a central posture in yoga.  It stretches all of your muscles from arms to legs:

Ever wonder where it got it's name from:

Getting Started with Yoga

I first started practicing yoga about ten years ago when I came across a show called "Yoga Zone" on the Health Channel.   Every morning, I would get up and follow along with the instructors, eventually taping all the shows and continuing them on my own. You could also purchase tapes like this one:

 Yoga Zone was developed by a yogi called Alan Finger: